ISCHE 2014 - London | Ressources numériques en histoire de l'éducation

ISCHE 2014 - London

The pre-Workshop for ISCHE London, which took place on the 22nd of July 2014, aimed at discussing and enlarging the research project “History of Education: Mapping the Discipline” that was initiated by a Swiss and French research group and which will be conducted in close cooperation with ISCHE. The mapping of the discipline focuses on its institutional foundation, communication networks, structures of socialization and the evolution and content of the knowledge produced by the historians of education. The goal is to describe the recent evolution of the discipline. The project will not only benefit from the numerous existing reports but may also serve as a reference for prospective planning and future research agendas.

The workshop has addressed three topics:

  1. Networks and institutions. The history of education constitutes a disciplinary field that exists and develops through specialized networks and institutions, whose practical modalities of institutionalization will constitute the core of the inquiry.
  2. Journals constitute a privileged resource from which to browse research outcomes in the history of education on different levels. An inventory of journals totally or partially dedicated to the history of education will be established; on this basis, a panorama of the main inquiries that have contributed to the discipline will be produced.
  3. Doctoral theses look like a pertinent resource for analyzing the past, present and future of the discipline. The way the discipline structures doctoral studies will be analyzed (graduate schools, directors, disciplinary anchoring) as well as topics and methodologies


14:00 Introduction, Rita Hofstetter (University of Geneva) - Emmanuelle Picard (ENS Lyon) - Eckhardt Fuchs (GEI)

Session 1: Journals 14:30 – 15:20 Discussant : Rebecca Rogers

  • Italian Journals and the History of Education (Gianfranco Bandini - University of Florence)
  • Journals of History of Education at a global scale (Eckhardt Fuchs - GEI)

Session 2: Doctoral Thesis 15:20 - 16:35 Discussant : André Robert

  • Thesis in Portugal (2009-2013) (Joaquim Pintassilgo & Carlos Beato – University of Lisbon)
  • Research in the History of Education in the Post-Soviet Space (Iveta Kestere – University of Latvia)
  • Thesis in Francophony (Alexandre Fontaine - University of Geneva & Solenn Huitric – ENS-Lyon)

Session 3: Networks and Institutions 17:00 – 18:30 Discussant : Thérèse Hamel

  • History of Education in Brazil (Diana Vidal & Marta Carvalho - University of São Paulo)
  • Mapping the Discipline of the History of Education: the Greek case (1970-2013) (Katarina Dalakoura - University of Crete)
  • History of Education in Italy (Roberto Sani – University of Macerata)
  • Network History of Adult Education & Training in Europe (Françoise Laot – University of Reims & Kirsi Ahonen – University of Tampere)

18:30 – 19:00 Next steps - Agenda

Program in Pdf

Original CFP

This Workshop helped to discuss the design and specific areas of this large-scale research program that includes scholars from all continents. Collective discussion of the data and analyses produced have contributed to create synergies between historians of education in order to elaborate a common research agenda and to reinforce the base of the discipline. The Workshop have also launch an ISCHE Standing Working Group dedicated to this topic, co-organized by the present signatories.